Sunday, 22 December 2013

Speed Comp

 On Sunday the speed competition was held. Traditionally speed climbing is done on ice, but because of the structure that was not possible. Instead two routes were set side by side that were very close to being identical. Two climbers would climb at the same time and each would get a time for the route. Then they would switch routes and climb a second time. The times would be combined and the lowest time would win the round.

The first round was just to establish baseline times. After that climbers were divided into heats and the winner would advance to the next round. If a climber fell off they would get a time of three minutes.

Rebecca also climbed in the speed event as her first competition. She did pretty good and finished in 6th place for the women's division.

Rebecca on the left.

I had done a little bit of speed climbing. This year I'm planning to do it in the World Cup along with the difficulty.

 I finished in 3rd place overall for the speed event.

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