Monday, 7 October 2013

Out of Hibernation

The shorter, cooler days have me itching for winter. I have been eagerly anticipating its return since it left last spring. This winter is looking to be more jam packed for me than last year and I'm excited to get it started. The comp season kicks off in Dec. with the N.American Championship in Bozeman, MT. In the New Year the Ice World Cup schedule is packed in tight and in Feb. Ice climbing is supposed to be a Cultural Event at the Sochi Olympics, which I am supposed to be part of.

I've been drytooling and doing light training through the summer and feel like I'm already climbing as well as ever as I shift into a more intense training program. Last winter was a big learning experience for me and I'm excited to see how taking a different approach to training will work out.

Mid July, 35 degree sweatfest.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

True North Slideshow/Talk

I'm going to be doing a slideshow/talk about mixed climbing in Ontario and how its lead me to competition climbing.