Saturday, 9 February 2013


Its been a while since my last update. Posting from my phone became more and more problematic until it just wasn't happening. I have been in Romania for a few days now. I climbed on Thurs. night in the preliminaries. I was 49th out of 49 to climb which meant over 6 hours in isolation. Fortunately we got there early and I was able to get a mat on the floor to stretch out on and pretend to sleep for a good part of it. The warmup wall in isolation was the best yet on the tour. For once I felt like I got a good warm-up and didn't need to wreck my picks to do so.

My climbing was over disappointingly quick. I'm pretty happy with how I climbed right up to the point that my tool skated off the hold. Unfortunately in competing there are no second chances once you come off.

I'm looking forward to Russia. Hopefully in the three weeks between now and then I can lose some of the weight I gained and gain back some of the fitness I lost while sitting around idle when traveling.

I'd like to thank Rankin Construction, the Toronto Section of the Alpine Club of Canada, True North Climbing gym, Gripped Magazine and all my family and friends, and especially my wife Rebecca who have been supporting me through all this. Without all the help I could never be doing this.