Sunday, 22 December 2013

Bozeman UIAA Competition

Its been over a week since the comp and I'm jut finally getting to making a post about it. I've been super busy with work, travel and working out future travel plans for this winter's Ice Climbing World Cup.

As with all UIAA competitions you start out with the registration and rules meeting. The Comp was the next day so after the meeting you have time to go back to your room and get prepared for the next day,

The comp format was different than most UIAA ice comps, but the same way that the Russians do their comps. There are two preliminary routes and no isolation for prelims. There is a forerunner who climbs the routes so everyone can see how the route is climbed and all the competitors are free to watch and cheer on their friends. This make the whole comp experience a lot more fun for everyone. The first route was fairly easy and most of the men topped out. 

The structure was temporary and built out of scaffolding. They are in the process of raising money to build a permanent structure where they can have World Cup comps and athletes will be able to use to train. 

Starting the 1st prelim route.

Topping out the 1st prelim route.

Next post coming soon!!

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