Sunday, 22 December 2013

Lead Comp Part 2

After a quick break to switch out holds on the wall round two of the prelims started. In the first round we only had three minutes to climb, but the route only went to the top of the wall. In round two we had 5 minutes and the route went past the top of the wall and across a beam to a third tower.

In the 2nd round I didn't climb as well as I would have liked. My arms were still tired from climbing in the cave on the Thursday prior. I also had a little bit of nervousness heading into the climbing. In the end I climbed well enough to get into a three way tie for 8th place and squeaked into Finals.

For finals we had to go into isolation and would be climbing with no prior knowledge of the route. The women climbed first and because the men's route was similar and would use many of the same holds the men had to wait in isolation while the women climbed.

I was second to climb in the finals, so for me isolation was shorter than it could have been. Starting on the finals route there were two moves sideways to the right before reaching up and left to the third hold.  I had a bit of trouble down low, but once I got past the second hold I climbed pretty quickly to the top of the main wall. Hooked into the hold before the beam leading out to the third tower I was getting a quick rest before continuing out the steep climbing to the end and slipped out of the hold. It was pretty disappointing to fall off there because I still felt pretty good and wasn't even moving when I popped off. Several others got to that hold and were able to thrutch around on the hold and didn't come off so I either didn't get into a sweet spot on the hold or my picks weren't sharp enough to bite into the hold well enough. Falling off ended my attempt and I placed 7th overall.

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