Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Another shortish day.

Today I was back at the cave in Upper Haffner. I think we got to the cliff around noon. Because I was still pretty tired from the previous days I decided to make it a fitness day rather than practice climbing unfamiliar routes.

Getting near the lip of Caveman.
After a lap on the warmup route I was back on Caveman. On the first lap I felt kinda tired. After the other two guys I was with had climbed I did a second lap that went a little better. The third lap I climbed to the lip of the cave where it gets easy, then down climbed back down to near the start. I was pretty amazed how much longer I could hold on after getting to the lip and feeling pretty tired.

We finished off the day by doing a couple more laps on the warmup. Climbing and then down climbing it made for a really good pump in my forearms. I think we all left with our forearms pretty blasted and we still got back to the car before dark.

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