Wednesday, 21 January 2015

France to Saas Fee

I've spent the last week since Korea in Europe. The first few days in Europe I was climbing in France at a cave called L'Usine. It has one of the biggest collection of difficult dry tooling routes in the world. The cave is massive! I was here two years ago but didn't get to spent much time. On this trip I got to finish off the route "SAT" which could be one of the most difficult D8's anywhere. Originally rated D10, it was downgraded as harder routes were climbed and people became more fit. I was happy to climb it my first try this time. I'm happy to have also climbed two D10's and a D11 (L'Usine the namesake of the cliff) first try.

Over the weekend we went to Saas Fee Switzerland for the Youth World Championship. I didn't climb, but watched two young Canadians compete against others their age. After the youth competition we went back to France for two days. The plan was to climb at Usine again but I came down with the flu and was way to sick to go climbing. I have been trying to recover as quickly as possible because we are now back in Saas Fee for the World Cup which starts Friday.

In Saas Fee

The view out of my hotel window.
Castles along the highway on the way to Saas Fee.

Somewhere along the south shore of Lake Geneva.

Evian-les-Bains, France

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