Thursday, 10 January 2013

Let the games begin!

Add capTowangsong Falls. You can see someone on the lower tier.

We are back on Seoul, and ready to go compete! Jen an I had a fun time in Sokcho. We mostly played tourist but yestrday we climbed a 320m water fall. itwas a pretty big day,especially considering that we didn't get started hiking in until around 10am. We had toget permits first and the office didn't open until 9am. Aftersecuring our permit it was a 2+ hour hike to the base.

waiting for our permit

On the way in we could see the party ahead of us topping out the first tier. As it turned out there were three parties. we caught up to them pretty quickly at tje second tier. While belaying jen up the 1st pitch I had a good sized hunk of ice hit me in the knee. It made climing and hiking out misserable, but its feeling a lot better now.

After catching up with the other 3 parties at the base of the upper tier we had to consider our options. Jen wasn't keen on the idea of climbing under anyone so i took that part as well. I hit the end of my rope arond the same time ghe others did and Jen got to lead the last pitch to the top. The sun was setting when we topped out. It waz pretty dark for the last two rappels.

Right now we

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