Thursday, 17 January 2013

korea to europe

after traveling for what seemed like days I we arrived in Europe. We rented a car in Geneva and drove to Chamonix in France. The next day we were lucky enough to be able to do some training on the world cup structure in France. This was an off year and there is no comp in France for this tour.

The amount of time we get to climb on these structures in competition is very small so it wss a very valuable experience. The countries who do well in the WC usually have access to a strctuter to climb on regularily.

Yesterday we spent climbing in a huge cave called L'Usine, which means factory. The setting was a bit industrial, but the climbing was amazing. The routes were mind blowingly steep, and they went on forever. It was good to get some hard climbing in. It feels like we have barely been able to climb on this trip and its a bit of a mind game between being tired and feeling like you are losing fitness from a lck of climbing.

Today we go to Saas Fee. We compete tomorrow morning.

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