Sunday, 18 November 2012

Training, training, training......

l'm doing some more mobile posting while I have some down time.

Friday was a training day with actual real traing. My teammate Jen Olson and I climbed in a gym and got put through the wringer by British World Cup climber Malcom Kent. After warming up with some climbing we basiclly just did training drills until our arms were putty. Learned a lot about training and I'm excited to get back home to set up some more training boards.

Yesterday Jen and I went to Bear Spirit Crag for an active rest day. We were hoping to just climb some easy ice but there wasn't much in yet. When we got to the cliff there was already a small group climing the ice, so we jumped on a couple of the mixed lines. It was a lot of fun to drytool up the rock and climb onto hanging ice. Around the time we were losing interest in the mixed routes the other group finished up and we got to pump out a few laps on some fun ice.

Today its back to the gym.

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