Friday, 23 November 2012

Back in Ontario

I've been back a few sleep deprived days and I figured I better get caught up here.

Sunday, Jen Olson and I spent the afternoon training at Malcom's gym in Calgary. For being a short day it wasn't very easy. I was still pretty worked from climbing all week, but I think I still got some good training time in. We talked a lot about strategy. Being strong is very important, but its usually the smartest, most efficient climber who wins.

Driving to Calgary.

Starting up one of the warm-ups.
Monday I went to The Playground outside Canmore with Jen and my friend Brenden. It was fun to see Brenden getting psyched on mixed climbing. After a long break from drytooling I may have got him hooked back on it. Because I had to fly out in the evening it was also a little bit of a short day, thankfully I still got to get a pretty good pump in my arms before it was time to go. After a week of climbing it didn't really take too much anyway.

Climbing at the Playground.

I'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to my friend Grant Parkin. He picked me up at the airport, drove me around to go climbing, let me borrow his Jeep on the days he couldn't get out and he let me crash at his place for most of my trip.

My chauffeur, Grant.

Thank you also to Jen, Brenden & Pat for rides, belays and places to sleep.

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