Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tues. I started to ramp it up a bit. After climbing an ice route to warm up then I got on the drytool route Seamstress. I was a little worried it might be too hard for the end of my warmup but it went well.

From there we got on a short drytool route. Bec climbed it her first try on toprope and John did really well for not having much experience drytooling.

After getting warmed up I got on a route called Chinese Water Torture. It went pretty well until I got a little sloppy and popped off after trusting a hold I should not have. It would have been great to get it first go, but on new rock the learning experiences I get from failure usually teach me more than success.

After CWT we went upstream to get away from the crowds. Near the upper bridge we did a couple of long ice routes.

I was pretty tired, but I needed more practice so to finish off the day we went back to where we had started so I could get on a line I had been looking at. The Mighty Aphroditie climbs a discontinuous seam up an overhanging butress to a thin curtain of hanging ice. John patiently belayed as I slowly worked my way up the seemingly blank wall unlocking the moves. By the time I got to the ice my forearms were so pumped I could barely swing my tools into the ice.

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