Saturday, 21 January 2012

Finally trying to get the rest of Ouray trip on here.

Thurs. we went out of the park to check out some routes on Camp Bird Rd. Its a mountain road just outside of town. Things were going okay until we were going up one steep section of icy road and we lost traction.

After sliding back down hill a little ways the car started to turn sideways and stopped. After some sideways pushing we had the car pointed downhill and we went back into town.

 I'm often far too determined for my own good, so once back into town we stopped at the hardware store looking for tire chains.

After getting the chains installed we finally made it up the road to the cliff we were looking for. Posers Lounge is a chossy cave just above the road with a handful of reasonably difficult routes.

After the problems getting to the cliff I only had enough time to try a couple routes. I was hoping to get back after the comp but it didn't work out.

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