Sunday, 10 November 2013

I had some time today to finish my additions. I got a little sidetracked before building the third box and added a couple of roof sections to the sides. Today I finished the third box and made a bunch of new holds and attached them to the wall. All set now.


  1. Nate-
    Digging the pics of your new addition, the boxes look cool. I was wondering what the taped-open carabiners are used for- just curious. Good luck with the upcoming season.

  2. The biners are for when I'm lucky and have someone around who will belay me on top rope. I hook the rope into them to keep from swinging into the ground. because they are open its easy to flip the rope in and out as I climb up and down.

  3. That makes perfect sense- thanks for taking the time to respond. Congrats on being selected for the Olympics!