Tuesday, 27 December 2011

After a great day of training on Saturday, Monday was a bit of a let down.

With cold temps on Friday the cliffs were actually starting to freeze up. On Saturday I was able to run some laps on a few things at the Grotto and at that time it seemed like Monday would be even better conditions. When we showed up yesterday morning the cliff was all wet and most of the ice that had started to form had fallen down.

I got on Off the Couch to warm up and quickly started to realize the rock had thawed out and many of the holds were now loose and threatening to fall off. Rather than ruin the routes and risk getting hit by large blocks of choss we packed up and checked out the other side of the gorge. Those routes seem to get a lot of early season traffic so we figured they would probably be okay.  I hadn't done any of the routes over there so it was also a good opportunity to practice my onsite skills a little too. Fortunately I was still in a pretty big hole recovery wise from Saturday so it turned out to be a decent day even though we didn't get to climb nearly as much as I had hoped.

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